Fantasies of Iced Cold Spicy Lemonade

Do you like spicy food?  Do you ever dream of having iced cold spicy lemonade on a hot summer day?

We have these fantasies too and have found it quite easy to make come true!

Add hot pepper flakes to a pitcher of lemonade, let it sit for a few hours, then strain through a sieve.  Depending on how much hot pepper flakes you’ve added, you’ll have a nice ice cold spicy drink to chill your summers with.

Spiking our drinks with hot pepper flakes will be our new habit this summer!

We love you capsaicin (this is the substance in peppers that make things nice and spicy).

Breakfast Curry Tofu Egg Scramble with Mushrooms and French Radish

So good you won’t buy frozen ones from the health food market again!

Vegetarian Curry Tofu Egg Scramble

We love breakfasts that tastes more like a full meal and if it takes less than 15 minutes to make, we like it even more!  For this curry tofu egg scramble, we find that it’s even easier to make than scrambled eggs, just because it doesn’t stick to the pan as much.

The basic premise of tofu egg scrambles is to crumble up half a box of tofu with your hands in a bowl and then mix with one beaten egg.  For tofu scrambles, it is best to use ‘firm’ tofu so it hold up well when scrambling.

The last step is seasoning!

Season your tofu egg mixture with curry powder, chopped garlic, sea salt, and some pepper.  Also add any chopped toppings you’d like – in our recipe we used trumpet mushrooms and french radish.

1. Mix everything up in the bowl with a spoon, but don’t over mix so the tofu maintains some texture.

2. Finally, heat a pan with some butter and scramble for about 7 minutes, or till it’s just about done.

3. Enjoy with toast, or for a nice spice kick, add Tabasco sauce!


Have you made tofu egg scrambles before, and if so, what are your favorite toppings?

DIY Heart Felt T-Shirt Elbow Patch

I love crafting and one of the things I’ve always wanted to try was needle felting.

It’s not something I’ve ever seen anyone do, so I got really excited over coming across this excellent simple tutorial from the Honestly WTF blog. Not only does this show you how to needle-felt, but you can wear your work of art too!


Just looking at this makes us feel all warm and fuzzy!

Below are previews are some steps involved with making this.  The full set of instructions can be found on the Honestly WTF blog

Materials you’ll need, a nice well fitted long sleeve shirt, and a heart shaped cookie cutter.


Perfect use for cookie cutters!


Poking the wool into the shirt so it’ll stay there


The heart should be poked thoroughlyImage

The finished product – view from the outside and inside of the shirt


The final step is to iron over the heart for a little bit for the perfect finish!


This would be the perfect “heart-felt” gift for this Mother’s Day on Sunday.

Humble Lessons From My Fig Tree

A picture of our fig tree, during this early spring bloom. The green bud you see will morph into a soft juicy plump fig in a few months. It has a pink seedy flesh, some say it’s like an inside out strawberry!

And a poem ensues below because that’s what happens when you can’t stop thinking about it!

Your nourish us every summer
With two generous harvests

Enough to overflow fruit baskets
or Make 50 jars of jam
Like squirrels saving
precious commodities for wintertime

For what we’ve taken from you
We must replenish and feed you well

You lavish us
With your sweet delicacies
And give us a Fair exchange
Of our efforts

You show us that
are built not just with people
But with the bounties of Nature


the end

Chocolate ‘Salami’

As artisanal confectioners ourselves, we’re a bit hard to please when it comes to all the delicious pictures of sweets we see online and in catalogs, but this one from the Sweet Sarah Etsy Shop hits all the right marks in terms of quality of ingredients, creativity, and presentation.

What you are seeing below is a Chocolate ‘Salami’ – it’s made with real chocolate ganache (which means fresh cream, not hydrogenated palm oil like Lindt chocolate truffles), and bits of almond biscotti. It’s cleverly shaped like a Salami so you can cut and put the remaining in the fridge.

Perfect for Mother's Day!

And they have beautiful macarons too!

Get them from the Sweet Sarah Shop on Etsy

Trip to the Martha Stewart Etsy Show

Earlier this week, we attended a live taping of Martha Stewart’s Etsy episode in their New York City studios. Yes – one fantastic WHOLE hour of Etsy, on national cable tv (Hallmark Channel) – Etsy finally gets the national spotlight it deserves.

The whole experience was quite an adventure, and it felt so exciting and surreal to enter and see Martha’s picture perfect television studio! I couldn’t believe I was even there even as I walked in.

The first section of the studio is Martha's TV Kitchen. To the left of it, there is a kitchen where a large staff chops and prepares all the food to be used in the shows, this is how they make it look so easy for the camera 🙂

Closeup of Martha’s kitchen – homey and picture perfect!

This is how it’s like to be in the studio audience. It was very bright in there, with many lights and diffusers shining from above us! You can also see the faux NYC skyline in the background.

We weren’t allowed to take any pictures during the taping, but we did once it was over. Here’s Martha answering questions from the studio audience.

Martha is quite the pro in front of the camera, the whole taping was flawlessly executed, minus the one minor incident where a button popped out of her shirt and she had to re-do a few sentences.

Here we are taking pictures in the Crafts section of Martha’s studio. This is the room you see her in on the craft segments of her show. So pretty – now I can say I’ve been to crafting heaven!

The Etsy episode on Martha airs April 26, 2012 on the Hallmark Channel – plus we were told that she will be blogging about it too sometimes next week!

Before Cool Whip there was Creme Fraiche

Here I am enjoying fresh spring strawberries dipped in Creme Fraiche, which I learned about from food blogging.

Strawberries with Creme Fraiche

Remember this?

Cool Whip Ad

There are so many delicious traditional foods that have been forgotten about because the food industry is very good at appropriating what has always been around for their ads of chemically processed food.

One fine example is Cool Whip. Cool Whip regularly advertised their product with pictures of succulent strawberries dipped in fresh cream, appropriating the image of fresh whipped cream, or creme fraiche on strawberries to their artificial version of the real thing. For quite some time, I thought it was easier to use cool whip instead of whipped cream, but then again, I didn’t know anything about creme fraiche at the time, which wasn’t advertised if at all.

In keeping up with the times of new social media, Cool Whip is now using mommy bloggers to use Cool Whip in their recipes.

Cool whip is made with corn syrup whipped with hydrogenated oils, Creme Fraiche is made by adding probiotic cultures to heavy cream. We love the one we got from Cowgirl Creamery but any creme fraiche will work perfectly.

What traditional versions of foods have you recently discovered?

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