So many ideas, too little time! That pretty much sums up how I feel about making this blog. I’ve been reading and exchanging ideas on blogs for quite some time, always wishing I too had a place where I can write about things that can inspire others to take ideas gathered online and make something of it offline, in the real world.

Making a blog is one of those idea I’ve finally come around to take action on, but before this, it was making Caramel Candies.

For over a year, I’ve thought about how I can create the perfect piece of Caramel Candy, and imagine all the flavors I would imbue them with; even posting flavor ideas of my imaginary caramels on my Kettle Confections facebook page, and so forth!

Finally this winter, I gave it a shot. Instead of coming home to cook dinner, I cooked sugar! After one too many number of failed batches of candies deemed too hard, too soft, too burned, to unrecognizable of a mass – I finally got it to come out the way I had imagined.

And so these are the caramels I was afraid I may waste my free time pursuing in vain, but I’m glad I got it right, and if it didn’t come out well, there’s a long list of ideas in my mind I’m willing chase and cross out.