My Weekday Smoothie:

Every working weekday, I get up extra early to make myself a fruit and vegetable smoothie for breakfast, in addition to some scrambled eggs over toast.

There’s just so much in it – apple, banana, kale, ginger, lemon, carrot, beets, watercress, and some filtered iced water. To me, this is a health smoothie, because it tastes … Intense. Salty – sweet – bitter – spicy – sour all at the SAME time, but it does wonders for my complexion and energy level so I drink it down rather quickly and contently.

My Weekend Smoothie:

The ever so yummy and refreshing grapefruit banana mint smoothie.

The ever so yummy and refreshing grapefruit banana mint smoothie

Juicing on weekends, on the other hand are for pleasure. This weekend, I fancied something tropical, fruity, refreshing and so I made Banana Grapefruit Mint smoothie. Plus Craig loves bananas so no matter what smoothie I made, it will have to have bananas in it!

This smoothie was too perfect and simple – just some bananas, grapefruit (just the flesh or the rinds will make it bitter), iced water, and some fresh mint. The combination of the citrus notes layered upon the tropical smooth taste of bananas made this a very unique and delicious treat. I only wish my mother me eat fruits and vegetables this way!

Craig loves bananas, he includes them in his lunch dinner and breakfast. He's also going green by being vegetarian these past few weeks.

what kind of juicing/blending works for you?