Nut milks are filling up the health food aisles, but they are just not as good as fresh cream cups of nut milks you make at home. I’m a huge huge fan of FRESH nut milks, just because they are so easy to make, and unlike soymilk – no cooking required 🙂 Store brought nut milk are filled with too many additives/preservatives and tastes nothing like its original self- making nut milks yourself is healthier, tastier, and you’ll notice how much thicker and filling they are than watered down supermarket ones.

I don’t have a camcorder yet to film my nut milk making escapades, but I’ve found one from Daniel Delaney’s website that perfectly entertaining, and informative!

My favorite type of nut milk to make is chocolate hazelnut cashew milk, but I’ve just placed an order for almonds fresh from the farm today, so I’ll be making almond milk this week.

Super Simple Steps for making nut milk:

1. Order fresh nuts, Oh has a wide and fresh selection that never fails to disappoint.

2. soak the nuts in water for over 5 hours till they soften, then blend in a high speed blender with 3 cups of water for every cup of nut.

3. Along with water, add flavorings into your blender. Instead of refined sugar, I usually use honey, cocoa powder, cocoa nibs (these are whole cocoa beans crushed to small pieces), fresh peeled apples, pears, etc.

4. Then you strain the milk through a nut milk bag – which you can get easily online.

5. ALWAYS refrigerate your fresh nut milks because they can go bad otherwise, and remember to finish them within 3 days, as they stay freshest within that time frame.

I’ve found that cashews hazelnuts and macadamia nuts all work very well, has anyone else tried making your own nut milks?