We’ve done a lot of things with almonds, like making almond nougats for our etsy shop, making almond tuille cookies, but not almond milk. We used raw almonds for this recipe of almond milk

Disclaimer, almond is a tree fruit, do NOT make if you are allergic to tree fruits

We first soaked our almonds overnight, it is amazing how the little sprouts start to form just after 5 hours of soaking. Once soaked, you can easily tear off the skin too- a very zen experience!

We then removed the water and blended the almond with water. We used 3 cups of water for every cup of almond, plus we added honey for some added sweetness. Next we strain the almond milk through a nut bag to removed sediments- as you can see below.

almond pulp

Here’s me, relishing my creamy cup of almond milk, with some cinnamon sprinkles on top! Remember, these don’t have preservatives so refrigerate and finish within 3 days.

Deliciously Mind Blowing Fresh Almond Milk - with Cinnamon