Here I am enjoying fresh spring strawberries dipped in Creme Fraiche, which I learned about from food blogging.

Strawberries with Creme Fraiche

Remember this?

Cool Whip Ad

There are so many delicious traditional foods that have been forgotten about because the food industry is very good at appropriating what has always been around for their ads of chemically processed food.

One fine example is Cool Whip. Cool Whip regularly advertised their product with pictures of succulent strawberries dipped in fresh cream, appropriating the image of fresh whipped cream, or creme fraiche on strawberries to their artificial version of the real thing. For quite some time, I thought it was easier to use cool whip instead of whipped cream, but then again, I didn’t know anything about creme fraiche at the time, which wasn’t advertised if at all.

In keeping up with the times of new social media, Cool Whip is now using mommy bloggers to use Cool Whip in their recipes.

Cool whip is made with corn syrup whipped with hydrogenated oils, Creme Fraiche is made by adding probiotic cultures to heavy cream. We love the one we got from Cowgirl Creamery but any creme fraiche will work perfectly.

What traditional versions of foods have you recently discovered?