Earlier this week, we attended a live taping of Martha Stewart’s Etsy episode in their New York City studios. Yes – one fantastic WHOLE hour of Etsy, on national cable tv (Hallmark Channel) – Etsy finally gets the national spotlight it deserves.

The whole experience was quite an adventure, and it felt so exciting and surreal to enter and see Martha’s picture perfect television studio! I couldn’t believe I was even there even as I walked in.

The first section of the studio is Martha's TV Kitchen. To the left of it, there is a kitchen where a large staff chops and prepares all the food to be used in the shows, this is how they make it look so easy for the camera 🙂

Closeup of Martha’s kitchen – homey and picture perfect!

This is how it’s like to be in the studio audience. It was very bright in there, with many lights and diffusers shining from above us! You can also see the faux NYC skyline in the background.

We weren’t allowed to take any pictures during the taping, but we did once it was over. Here’s Martha answering questions from the studio audience.

Martha is quite the pro in front of the camera, the whole taping was flawlessly executed, minus the one minor incident where a button popped out of her shirt and she had to re-do a few sentences.

Here we are taking pictures in the Crafts section of Martha’s studio. This is the room you see her in on the craft segments of her show. So pretty – now I can say I’ve been to crafting heaven!

The Etsy episode on Martha airs April 26, 2012 on the Hallmark Channel – plus we were told that she will be blogging about it too sometimes next week!